"Technology is evolving rapidly, with appliances becoming smarter & more connected. We are the experts who can help you navigate this new connected world. We get you the best that technology can offer, in the most simplified, affordable fashion, tailored to your needs and lifestyle"

Controlling your home will end up being as simple as, for example, switching on your television & lights by merely saying

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About Us

We are driven and passionate about technology and the impact it can have on human life.

Our vision is to bring the best that technology can offer to every middle class house hold and make your day to day life more comfortable, fun and safe.

We do not make our own products or software, but we partner with the most innovative companies, quite often global world class players to do that for us. What we focus on is to install and customize these products in a way that best suits your personal needs and deliver a "connected home" solution.

Upgrade your home

Are you planning to upgrade your home? or simply explore how technology can create an experience in one part of your home? Contact us to learn about possibilities.

Impact in your business

We provide specialized solutions for small & medium business owners, expanding the possibililites by knowledge of latest technological developments. Contact us to know more - 0031 647312093

Assistive Domotics

Home automation is becoming a viable option for older adults and people with disabilities who would prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes. By combining home automation systems seniors, disabled can enjoy a more comfortable experience and care givers can have more tools at there disposal.

Our Focus Areas:

  • Well Being monitoring
  • Home Sensor Monitoring
  • Security & Safety

The way we operate is to listen to you, work together with as a family member,care giver or person in need himself and customize a (economical) solution to cater to your needs.

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